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Apprise Stories

Learn about us, directly from our clients.

Coast to Coast Imports

An accent furniture importer that needed a single, integrated solution that does it all.

Over and Back

A table top housewares distributor that appreciates our integrated solutions as much as our partnership approach.

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What our clients think of us

  • "The Apprise team impressed us with their desire to truly learn our business and find ways to improve our current processes."

    - Janna Looney,
    Allure Bridals
  • "The Apprise® ERP system is truly integrated. It enables us to manage all aspects of our operations more efficiently - from purchasing, importing, warehouse management and accounting to EDI and customer service."

    - Director of Imports & System Administration,
    Revere Mills
  • "Before we implemented Apprise® ERP, over 25 % of our accounts receivable were greater than 90 days outstanding. With Apprise ERP that number has literally dropped to 0 %."

    - Operations Manager,
    Modus Furniture International
  • "From accounts payable to receivables we now have more information at hand. It's easier to apply payments, and easier to correct them since we can see calculations on screen. In the past, this was a struggle -- now we see more detailed information."

    - Scott Moore, Partner & COO,
    Athens Distributing
  • "The Apprise ERP distribution solution is much more comprehensive than the other solutions we evaluated. The application is more fully and seamlessly integrated, and utilises more current and flexible technologies."

    - A-America, Inc.
  • "In the past, a Hong Kong employee would call me with system questions. I logged the enquiries, waited for a response, then contacted Hong Kong with the answer. Now, those enquiries can be logged directly with Apprise Care Asia for same day response."

    - IT Manager, CPP
  • "The implementation of Apprise® ERP was a very positive experience. Implementation was on time, the project management team ensured a smooth transition, and the post-implementation support has been fantastic."

    - Director of Imports & System Administration,
    Revere Mills
  • "Within the first two weeks of implementation, Apprise® ERP rule-based margin management saved us $25,000. We knew right away we had made the right decision in selecting Apprise."

    - CFO,
  • "Apprise spoke our language, offered the support we needed, and proved it had the functionality to put more information into user hands."

    - Carolina Pad
  • "With Apprise® ERP we're able to produce inventory and production reports to understand our sales at the style, colour and size level. Our customers love our Customer Portal site. And we're very pleased, too."

    - Janna Looney,
    Allure Bridals
  • "We were able to implement the solutions without the need for costly customisations or additional IT resources, and we are seeing the benefits of tighter integration and improved visibility throughout our operations."

    - Operations Manager,
    Modus Furniture International
  • "Almost from the start, Apprise® ERP was the solution of choice over competing products. Apprise ERP was the most comprehensive, enterprise-wide solution designed for distribution."

    - Chief Financial Officer,

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