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Disaster Recovery

Data restoral to disaster recovery

In the competitive world of consumer goods, your business needs to run smoothly every day. Unexpected disruptions in your supply chain operations whether due to internal system failures or uncontrollable external events can damage your customer satisfaction, revenues and ultimately profitability. Apprise® System Risk Management Solutions provide you with flexible, resilient solutions to keep your business running when downtime is not an option.

Everyone's tolerance for risk varies, as do budgets and resources. That's why we offer three flexible solutions to meet your unique and changing needs. Proactively minimise the occurrence of system downtime. Achieve real-time data restoral in the event of a data loss. And keep your business running, even in the event of an internal or external disaster.

Apprise System Risk Management Solutions include:
  • System monitoring and management
  • Proactive tuning of your Apprise ERP application for optimal system performance
  • Secure remote monitoring and management of your application to identify issues
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of identified problems to restore your system to optimal performance

Online database replication services

Quickly recover from an unexpected data loss through:
  • Ongoing real-time backup and storage of your Apprise ERP database over a secured communication connection
  • Remote restoral capabilities of your data from our secured data centre
  • Secure access to your data on demand to run your operations remotely

Disaster recovery services

Reduce the impact of a business interruption, regardless of the cause, through:

  • Geographically diverse warm spare hardware
  • Secured data centre for application and data access
  • Administrative business facilities including desks, phones, Internet communications and more
  • State of the art redundant facilities, including air conditioning, fire suppression, diesel power generator and communication network

Disaster Recovery Services require the use of Database Replication Services.

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